NOS Primavera Sound * 4-6 june Porto



O Porto


The city of Porto is the second biggest in Portugal, capital of the district of Porto and of the North of the country. Situated by the Atlantic Ocean, and easily accessible from any point of the European continent, it boasts mild weather, quite similar to other cities in Southern Europe. Known as the “Undefeated city” (“Cidade Invicta”), and with historical references that go back to pre-Roman times, Porto has a unique culture, hospitable inhabitants and an unforgettable gastronomy. Equipped with countless spaces of undeniable touristic and architectural interest, such as museums, entertainment venues, theatres, art galleries or libraries, Porto is also, and increasingly so, known for the nightlife in the city’s historical centre, named by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Wallpaper magazine recently nominated the city of Porto in the category of Best City in the 2012 Design Awards, highlighting the vibrant cultural life of Porto’s downtown, now “revitalized by an artistic and student community”.

Traditionally known and renowned internationally for the production of Port Wine (widely appreciated all over the world), it was mainly during the last decade that Porto went through a big and important social revitalization. Since 2001, year in which the city was the European Culture Capital, alternative businesses, nightlife, the cult of wine, cultural activity, architecture and high gastronomy have occupied the places of highest prominence in the city’s dynamic, making Porto a true feast for the senses.

Why Porto?


Finding the perfect location to make this project a reality was not an easy task, and many European cities offered to host this new festival. But as soon as the mentors of this idea got to know the city of Porto, a city of extreme beauty, great cultural quality and bearer of a rich historical heritage, they realized that this would be the perfect city to welcome a “Primavera Sound” event. Porto shares certain idiosyncratic features with Barcelona, such as its location by the sea, the agreeable climate, its size, its entrepreneurial character or its offering of services. It is the second most important city in Portugal, competing with Lisbon in regards to economic power, and it is now in a period of strong growth, especially touristic and cultural.




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